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The Enterprise Supply Module extends Enterprise functionality to help your hospital maintain complete, accurate and up-to-date supply charging for Medicare billing and compliance. Access to this information is limited. Medicare only provides broad guidance on medical supply charging, the information is often buried in a variety of sources, making it difficult to assimilate into proper and consistent charge practices. There are no other lists or tables available, staff must review each supply item individually. This often requires contacting the vendor to make a determination of whether an item is separately chargeable or considered routine by Medicare guidance and to obtain the appropriate HCPCS, if applicable.

The Enterprise Supply Module combines a powerful set of easy-to-use tools to automate both the chargemaster review and the Materials Management Item Master review

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The Enterprise Supply Module Add-on may be added to these online coding tools:
Enterprise  (Item 3452)

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  • Exclusive—Robust Medical Supply Lookup Feature. This proprietary database provides quick reference to set up new supply items correctly and efficiently the first time, following current Medicare guidance.
  • Exclusive—Sophisticated analytics boost accuracy. The proprietary auto-analysis function reviews the full Material Management Item Master for potential issues:
    • Items that are deemed separately chargeable per Medicare guidelines, but a charge line is not present
    • Items that are deemed not separately chargeable and a charge line is present
    • Items that have a HCPCS in the Item Master, when one is not applicable
    • Items that do not have a HCPCS assignment, when one is available
    • Items where the HCPCS in the Item Master has an incorrect HCPCS assignment
  • Exclusive—Current code information boosts data quality. Because these complex regulatory, CPT®/HCPCS coding changes and edit updates are delivered to the application twice monthly, you always have access to the latest coding and medical supply information. This allows you to refresh your CDM and Item Master with new codes in minutes. In addition, the Supply Module includes essential review areas and timesaving features that improve productivity and data quality.
  • Easy-to-use, this tool requires minimal staff training and reduces time spent on medical supply CDM administrative tasks.
  • Reviews the CDM and Item Master automatically to flag potential coding and billing errors, potential lost revenue, and compliance problems.
  • Developed and maintained by coding experts.

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