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Coding Reference
New!Complete Guide for Interventional Radiology Add-onMarkets: All Markets Developed to simplify coding for imaging-assisted surgical services, the Complete Guide for Interventional Radiology is a resource that provides specific direction for coding complex interventional radiology and cardiology procedures with guidelines and references for both physicians and facility-based institutions.Learn More
ICD-10 Essentials: Determing the DiagnosisMarkets: All Markets A companion resource for ICD-10-CM that provides in-depth explanations of everything from the basic format and structure of the ICD-10-CM code set to appropriate application of the coding conventions and guidelines. Learn More
Coders Dictionary
Markets: All Markets Understand medical terminology from a coding perspective and gain efficiency. Learn More
Markets: All Markets An online drug coding and reimbursement reference tool and database that provides up-to-date Medicare coding, billing, and reimbursement information for FDA-approved drug codes. Learn More Plus
Markets: Physician, Payer This new module is designed to provide multiple features and expanded functionality specific to your specialty and organizational needs. In addition, it allows you to earn up to 25 CEUs through CareerWize. Learn More
Markets: All Markets Get comprehensive medical reference information—the content of 35 Optum publications, plus thousands of Medicare references and fee schedules—all in one place. Learn More
Optum Specialty Articles
Markets: All Markets Access more than 100,000 medical terms and their clinical definitions, compiled in one location. Learn More
Historical Application Content
Markets: All Markets Access to historical data from the previous eight quarters helps you work with appropriate information. Learn More
Claims Submission
Claims Batch Editor
Markets: Physician This powerful, yet easy-to-use scrubber for physician claims automatically checks for errors prior to submission so you submit clean claims the first time. Learn More
New! Claim Appeal and Denial Support
Markets: All Markets This Claim Appeal and Denial Support add-on provides, for any claim edit, the actual sourcing for that edit. For coders, this means no more searching for code guidelines for claims appeal support. Learn More
New! Facility Encoder Module
Markets: Facility Our proven hospital encoder technology integrated with the industry’s most comprehensive coding, reimbursement and regulatory reference content, in one seamless product, helps coders achieve accuracy and high productivity. Learn More
Markets: Physician Online access to relative and actual physician charge data for a specific geographic area and specialty. Learn More
Coding Guidance
AHA Coding Clinic® for HCPCS
Markets: All Markets This code-driven archive offers advice for proper application of HCPCS supply and service codes. Learn More
AHA Coding Clinic® for ICD
Markets: All Markets Integrated access to the only official publication for ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 coding guidelines. Learn More
The AMA CPT® Content Module
Markets: All Markets Gain unparalleled access to content from the AMA that helps provide clarity and accuracy in CPT® code reporting: CPT® Assistant, CPT® Changes: An Insider's View and thousands of CPT® questions and answers from the CPT® Knowledge Base. Learn More
Markets: Physician, Payer Gain access to the official code list from the American Society of Anesthesiologists. Includes crosswalk to ASA codes from CPT® codes, ASA base units, and the reverse crosswalk to CPT® codes from anesthesia codes. Learn More
Clinical Documentation Improvement
Markets: Physician Ensure clinical quality, substantiate medical necessity and determine justifications for appropriate reimbursement — all by code — for clinicians and coders. Especially helpful with the increased specificity required with ICD-10-CM/PCS. Learn More
Markets: All Markets Full access, including detail and summary pages, to all HCPCS D codes (Dental), plus a CPT® to dental codes crosswalk. Learn More
DRG Grouper Calculator
Markets: Facility Quickly group diagnosis and procedure codes to their applicable DRG and exact provider's reimbursement for both ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes. Learn More
Dr. Z's Medical Coding Series: Interventional Radiology Coding Reference
Markets: Facility, Physician This add-on to our online digital coding tool gives you access to the appropriate coding and charging for both vascular and non-vascular IR procedures, covering rules for physicians and hospitals. Learn More
Total CPT®
Markets: All Markets Gain access to every relevant article found in the American Medical Association's CPT® Assistant coding newsletters and CPT® Changes: An Insider's View in their entirety. Learn More

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