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The Outpatient Margin Report Add-on (also known as Peer Comparison) provides analysis of cost and charges, for 12,000+ HCPCS/CPT® procedures.  Integrated into Enterprise ChargemasterExpert.com, the report allows for evaluation of outpatient procedure pricing, cost, and volume in an easy to read and understandable format. It has an ability to choose named hospitals to benchmark against and determine pricing for new procedures as well as optimize existing pricing.

The data is derived from the Outpatient Standard Analytical Files (OPSAF) which are made available quarterly from CMS; 100% version.

This is the most comprehensive source available for outpatient procedure pricing.
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The Enterprise ChargemasterExpert.com Outpatient Margin Report Add-on may be added to these online coding tools:
Enterprise ChargemasterExpert.com  (Item 3452)

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  • Optum Edge —Integrated into Enterprise ChargemasterExpert.com allowing customers to compare their hospital information against eight other named hospitals of their choice.  
  • Report Format. Customers are able to view their hospital charges, cost, volume, charge margin and Medicare margin for their entire CDM file in one easy view, within Enterprise ChargemasterExpert.com, or can be exported to excel.
  • Chargemaster Comparison View. Customers are also able to compare their hospital charges, cost, volume, charge margin and Medicare margin at an individual Charge Line basis within their CDM file.
  • Current Content. Updated quarterly to provide to most current data available.

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