2025 Official Connecticut Hospitals & Ambulatory Surgical Centers Fee Schedule (eBook)

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Item #: EWCCTF25
ISBN: 9798889522089
Available: Mar 31 2025

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Guidelines and reimbursement amount for services performed on or after April 1, 2025, are reflected in the newly updated 2025 Official Connecticut Fee Schedule for Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers. Payers and providers will need to reference this resource to determine the current rules and reimbursements for workers’ compensation patients.
  • Provides a reference for care of workers injured in the State of Connecticut.
  • Official fee information for Hospital Inpatient, Hospital Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgical Centers allows payers to adjudicate claims directly and providers to obtain accurate reimbursement forecasts.
  • Available as a data file* and eBook*.
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