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The Facility Encoder Module Add-on brings together all of the information and tools that coders need into a single, streamlined solution. Combined with, the Facility Encoder Module presents vital coding information to coders precisely when and where they need it, all within a single code summary screen. Our proven hospital encoder technology integrated with the industry’s most comprehensive coding, reimbursement and regulatory reference content, in one seamless product, helps coders achieve accuracy and high productivity.

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CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.
  • Logic and book coding: Leverages Optum proven knowledge-based and logicbased encoding for diagnosis and procedure code assignment
    • Logic path history tracks user’s logic selections, allows user to unselect single or multiple selections and print a report of logic selections
  • Edits: Provider-specific inpatient and outpatient medical necessity, MCE, OCE and Optum proprietary claim edits for all acute care and critical access hospitals
  • Reimbursement: Dynamic, real-time, hospital-specific MS-DRG and APC grouping and pricing for reimbursement information and payment validation
  • MS-DRG modeling enables complete coding accuracy when documentation supports it
  • Integrated with Each code is linked to vital references such as AHA Coding Clinics®, Code Specific Guidelines, proprietary Optum Specialty Articles and Clinical Documentation guidelines, Optum CDI content and more at your fingertips
    • “RCP Code Detail” link: current and historical comprehensive code detail including crosswalks transmittals, IOMs etc. — detail page is based on the discharge date
    • Full access to provides additional vital content such as MDC optimizing tips, complete Uniform Billing Editor eBook, inpatient and outpatient hospital compliance checker leveraged from Optum Claims Manager

Coding Clinics is a registered trademark of the American Hospital Association.