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The Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Add-on provides essential information to assist coders in the translation of clinical documentation for complete and accurate coding, as well as assisting clinicians in thorough documentation at the point of care for proper code identification. This content, provided by code, helps ensure clinical quality, substantiate medical necessity, and aids in justification for appropriate reimbursement. Health record documentation as designated by the clinician is the foundation upon which coding decisions are based.

As a result, accurate understanding of this documentation and a clear record upon presentation of the patient are critical. With the specificity of ICD-10-CM and PCS, and the increased level of detail necessary for proper code selection, the documentation driving code assignment must be just as detailed and provide accurate information for reimbursement justification.

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  • Premium Optum content. The Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Add-on includes 4 different sources for CDI improvement content:
    • Optum ICD-10-CM Clinical Documentation Improvement Desk Reference
    • Optum Guide to Clinical Validation Documentation and Coding Reference
    • Optum Physician Consulting ICD-10-CM CDI Improvement Training Content
    • Optum Clinical Documentation Guidelines for Facilities
  • Identify and clarify. Any confusing, incomplete, conflicting, or missing information in the physician-documentation portion of the health record that is related to diagnoses or procedures can be found and corrected.
  • Search clinical terms, codes, keywords, and print and/or email. More precisely document that which can be necessary for clinicians, coders or any other healthcare individual needing information for accurate code identification and a more robust and accurate depiction of patient severity.
  • Foster and enhance communication. Create a better dialogue between members of the CDI team, coders, and medical staff.
  • Provide ICD-10-CM education to medical staff members on the increased granularity inherent in ICD-10-CM. Explain how more detailed documentation in the medical record is needed, as well as educating coding staff members clinical knowledge as it relates to the specificity in the new code set.
  • Provide continuity of care. Build consistency for the patient and between members of the healthcare team that rely on documentation in the health record for determining ongoing treatment decisions.