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The Optum DRG Grouper Calculator Add-on is a simple tool used to group and calculate diagnosis and procedure codes into the correct DRG based on dates of service. Reimbursement calculations are hospital specific, showing users the exact DRG reimbursement expected at any specific acute care facility. Integrating this add-on with RevenueCyclePro.com, which provides comprehensive reference content at your fingertips, allows you to research elements that affect your DRG such as CC/MCC, procedure by proxy and optimizing tips.

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The DRG Grouper Calculator Add-on may be added to these online coding tools:

If you are already an active subscriber to one of our online coding applications and you are interested in purchasing an add-on, please contact a customer service representative at 1-800-464-3649, option 1.
  • Optum Edge - Leverages industry leading reimbursement calculations from Optum EasyGroup Rate Manager and grouping logic from Optum Enterprise Computer Assisted Coding (CAC).
  • Provider Lookup - Easy lookup tool helps users quickly find any acute care hospital by provider or hospital name.
  • MS-DRG Grouping - Groups at the claim level with results including MDC, DRG, DRG description and identifies the CC/MCC (Complication or Comorbidity/Major Complication or Comorbidity) diagnosis code.
  • Side-by-side display - Allows users to enter more than one code scenario at a time and compare results side-by-side. Enables users to identify potential errors in reimbursement or potential opportunity for additional reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement calculations - Provides claim level reimbursement results including outlier payments. Detailed worksheet results displayed on screen and printable formats so users can view all the variables affecting the hospitals reimbursement.
  • Integrated with RevenueCyclePro.com - All the comprehensive content within RevenueCyclePro.com is available to research and review the codes involved in the DRG, MDC, CC/MCC, MDC Optimizing Tips, DRG crosswalk and more.