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The UB-04 Data File is a dependable source of electronic medical billing content. It includes the complete UB-04 code set, including each of 81 form locators (FLs), all revenue codes and descriptions, and other billing code sets, such as type-of-bill codes; condition, occurrence, and value codes; admission source and patient status codes, and more.
This data file may be used to power medical coding, billing, and other decision support tools. The UB-04 Data File is available as a one-time code update.
  • Includes the complete HIPAA-compliant UB-04 code set and data specifications. Easily keep your UB-04 software table files up-to-date.
  • Get access to a complete listing of revenue codes and descriptions. Helps you increase billing efficiency and accuracy when processing UB-04 claims.
  • Receive current, updated codes. Contains the most recent codes for types of bill, condition, value, admission source, patient status, and more—to help you bill accurately and confidently.
  • Easily import the data into other software applications and manipulate the data to suit your needs.
  • EMR-friendly versions available. (Item # 9048)