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The Optum Specialty Article Add-on provides exclusive access to the most recent and relevant specialty newsletter content available today from the source you know and trust - Optum. This specialty information is derived from multiple specialty organizations (e.g., ASA, AAOMS, etc.) and other applicable sources (e.g., AMA, CMS, etc.) to provide you with information that will not only assist you to understand the nuances of your specialty but to better code those unique circumstances based on your specialty.

And because each article delivered by Optum provides sourcing information you can apply this article content to our coding process and/or claim appeals with confidence that you have never had before. Additionally, Optum provides the most currently available specialty article content searchable by code, keyword, specialty or year/month. You no longer have to search through years of content to find the information you need. This new search capability does the hard work for you and returns the most relevant and up-to-date information based on your search criteria.

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  • Sourcing from the specialty experts. Optum Specialty Article content is derived from clinical insight into any specific specialty from anesthesia to urology. Combined with coding information from coding resources you know (AMA, CMS, Optum), your coding accuracy is assured.
  • Identify and clarify from the most recent specialty information available. Because the content is delivered to you from the specialty source, you can ensure clarity for any coding/clinical scenario with thousands of articles, and more delivered every month, ensuring access to the most recent specialty information available.
  • Search clinical terms, codes, specialty keywords, print. Specialty articles can be accessed by any clinician, coder, or any other healthcare professional needing information for accurate code identification and a more robust and accurate depiction of the patient’s condition. Specialty articles can be accessed and searched by date (year/month) or by specialty or by article type.
  • See the source, read the abstracts. Optum provides the source for each specialty article. This provides you with confidence that the content is precise and correct. For any article, you can identify from where the content of the article originates, as well as, for many articles, read the abstract to understand the article content at a high level.