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ICD-10 Implementation – Now is the time for technology!
The ICD-10 transition is coming fast.  Be ready with Optum's EncoderPro.com and other Optum web-based products.

Attend our webinar to learn how web-based coding can help you:

  • Simply and quickly access the same web-based content that you rely on in your ICD10 code books including:
    • ICD10 indexes
    • Descriptions
    • ICD-10 forward and backward mappings
    • Coding icons, and more
  • Access additional content, not included in your code books, including:
    • Medicare policy information
    • ICD10 compliance
Dates: July 15th, September 9th

Chargemaster Essentials 
Because chargemasters drive a high volume of revenue for the organization, the potential for error is high; a single coding or mapping error could result in multiple replicated errors. This can lead to erroneous charges. Join us to understand the essential elements of maintaining an updated chargemaster and learn more about:
    • Data elements of a chargemaster
    • Reference information used to support chargemaster
    • Incorporating regulatory coding and billing guidelines
    • Updating and maintaining pricing information
    • Which chargemaster elements to audit
    • When to update your chargemaster

Dates: May 13th

Accelerate your Medicaid, Medicare and regulatory web searches –
Find what you are looking for, faster!
Do not waste time searching across multiple public sources for the reference information you need. MedicalReferenceEngine.com compiles dozens of our most popular reference books, thousands of Medicare and Medicaid documents, as well as national and local Medicare policies into one searchable database.  Its enhanced search capabilities, sophisticated filters, and cross-indexed search results help you navigate the application with ease and:

    • Reduce research time and enhance productivity 
    • Conduct searches across multiple sources in a single location 
    • Maintain compliance with access to up-to-date rules and regulations
    • Gain access to dozens of Optum publications at a fraction of retail price

Dates: June 10th, October 14th


Prepare for ICD-10 and Reduce Medical Necessity Write-offs
Most of us have heard the maxim "work smarter, not harder", and that’s never been more true than now with the ICD-10 transition on the horizon. 

Join us for an hour long webinar that will outline Optum Compliance Checking and Audit Management solutions that can help you work smarter by helping you reduce medical necessity denials and boost oversight of RAC, CMS and other payer audits to minimize future recoveries

Compliance Checking

  • Quick and easy web-based format, accessible anywhere 
  • Achieve up to 98% decrease in medical necessity denials
  • Automate and store ABNs with real-time policy updates

Audit Management

  • Analyze claims data to prevent RAC audits and determine financial risk
  • Understand exposure areas, determine audit outcomes and generate email alerts 
  • Track and manage workflow processes through the lifecycle of an audit A
  • Accelerate audit resolution with the esMD module. Electronically submit requested      records to audit contractors, eliminating delays associated with the paper process
  • Be aware of scheduled RAC recoupment

Dates: April 29th

Building your ICD-10-PCS expertise with Optum's PCS Code Builder

Procedure codes are the area most impacted by the transition to ICD-10. Not only is there a new structure, but there’s an increase in codes that exceeds 1750%. However, big changes bring big opportunities. Optum’s PCS code builder helps choosing the correct code simple, and dare we say – fun!

Learn how the Optum PCS code builder can help:

  • Familiarize yourself with the complex new coding system.
  • Guide users through proper code selection
  • Users learn the all-important root operation terms
  • Provide guidance for new concepts such as approach and device
Dates: August 12th, November 4th

Improve Patient Collection with Optum Patient Statements and Payment Portal

A larger portion of today's provider revenues are coming from patients who have high-deductible plans or health savings accounts (HSAs). Optum Patient Statements & Payment Portal helps providers recover these amounts owned quicker than traditional methods, and at a lower cost.

  • Learn how you can quickly produce and view professional, easy-to-understand patient statements
  • Add custom messages to individual statements
  • Learn how our statements help patients better understand the amounts they owe, which can increase collections and reduce inbound and outbound calls

Dates: April 22nd


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