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Correct Mapping is a MUST for ICD-10 Preparation

The ICD10 deadline is once again upon us.   While many of us still have some apprehension about the deadline, we cannot afford not to prepare should the industry make this transition in 2015.  Preparation is the key to avoiding lost revenue and workflow, regardless of the type of organization we manage, and the key to preparation is mapping.   While many of us will simply “natively” code with the ICD10 code set (search clinical terms that match ICD-10 codes – not code to ICD-9, and then map to ICD-10), using mapping to prepare for ICD-10 is a must.  Why?  There is no substitute for mapping to understand the code sets, understand how the match to the ICD-9 codes we are familiar with, and to understand the specificity and clinical documentation preparation we need to avoid lost revenue.  Don’t rely on CMS or your vendors to prepare you.  Understand the best clinical mappings for your ICD9 codes and map to prepare your documentation and systems.   Let Optum360 show you how.  

Dates: April 7th, 1:00pm ET

Four focus areas to strengthen and enhance coding performance

Now more than ever, the small hospital is faced with external regulatory and payer pressures which translate into increasing demands on coding departments. Higher staffing costs, higher technology costs and higher responsibility mean higher expectations.

During this event we will discuss four standard areas coding leaders can focus on to increase their level of performance: People, Processes, Technology and Priorities.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the importance of assessing and managing the current coder workflow to prepare for the implementation of Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) and ICD-10
  • What can be done to strengthen and enhance your current coding program performance
  • How to best prepare your coding program for the impact of ICD-10

Date: January 29, 1:00 PM ET - View recorded presentation

Avoid RAC Take-backs and Reduce Administrative Costs Associated with RAC Audit Processing

This year brings the first significant break in RAC activity for health care providers. Now is the time to take advantage of the RAC break to assess current programs, review historical data and centralize audit management processes. The steps taken now to improve RAC processing will drive significant returns when the RACs reconvene.

This webinar will discuss these steps and how Optum360 Audit Management solutions maximize growth opportunities by identifying and mitigating risk and protecting profits.

This event will review:

  • Where you stand in the audit process
  • Key areas of improper payment
  • Top ways to avoid these issues
  • What can be done to prepare for a RAC Audit
  • What to do if you are audited
  • Impact of medical necessity changes
  • Top ways to maximize workflow and minimize future audit risk

View recorded presentation

Compliance Checking - Reduce bad debt, denials, and unnecessary write offs

Learn how Optum360 Compliance Checking can help you prevent mistakes on the front end of a claim cycle, ensuring that you're not banking on phantom dollars at the back end.

Dates: View recorded presentation

Real Strategies for Small and Rural Hospitals. Create a Plan with Optum360 Billing Solutions to Defend Against Financial Pressures.


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