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Working Smart! Using MedicalReferenceEngine.com to Improve your Regulatory Knowledge

This educational session will demonstrate a smarter way to search for information using the web-based Optum360 MedicalReferenceEngine.com. A proprietary repository of governmental regulations from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and 26 (and growing) state Medicaid associations makes up the core of the Medical Reference Engine. Additional information includes guidelines from other government agencies including the Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations, and Optum360 proprietary tools, such as DRG decision trees. Supplementing this information, 36 Optum360 publications are included as eBook resources, with more to be integrated.

Date: September 1, 1 PM EDT
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Chargemaster 101

Because chargemasters drive a high volume of revenue for the organization, the potential for error is high; a single coding or mapping error could result in multiple replicated errors, leading to erroneous charges. Join us to understand the essential elements of maintaining an updated chargemaster and learn more about: 

  • Data elements of a chargemaster 
  • Reference information used to support chargemaster 
  • Incorporating regulatory coding and billing guidelines 
  • Updating and maintaining pricing information 
  • Which chargemaster elements to audit 
  • When to update your chargemaster

Date: September 22, 1 PM EDT
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Staying ahead of the coding curve

Four focus areas to strengthen and enhance coding performance

Now more than ever, the small hospital is faced with external regulatory and payer pressures which translate into increasing demands on coding departments. Higher staffing costs, higher technology costs and higher responsibility mean higher expectations.

During this event we discussed four standard areas coding leaders can focus on to increase their level of performance: People, Processes, Technology and Priorities.
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Avoid RAC Take-backs and Reduce Administrative Costs Associated with RAC Audit Processing

This year brings the first significant break in RAC activity for health care providers. Now is the time to take advantage of the RAC break to assess current programs, review historical data and centralize audit management processes. The steps taken now to improve RAC processing will drive significant returns when the RACs reconvene.

This webinar discusses these steps and how Optum Audit Management solutions maximize growth opportunities by identifying and mitigating risk and protecting profits.

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Compliance Checking - Reduce bad debt, denials, and unnecessary write offs

Learn how Optum Compliance Checking can help you prevent mistakes on the front end of a claim cycle, ensuring that you're not banking on phantom dollars at the back end.

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Real Strategies for Small and Rural Hospitals. Create a Plan with Optum Billing Solutions to Defend Against Financial Pressures.

This information-packed session will help you better understand the unique financial challenges faced by small and rural hospitals and provide strategies to offset the financial impact throughout your organization.       

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Audit Management — Maximize Your Workflow and Minimize Take-backs

Learn why Audit Management from Optum is your solution to maximizing your workflow and minimizing take-backs. This product showcase will outline the risks and recommend solutions that will automate RAC and all payer audit requests.

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Arming Your Hospital with Tools to Stay Financially on Track with Federal and Payer-specific Requirements

Hospitals are reeling from financial and compliance pressures. A combination of bad debt, newly covered patients, changing reimbursement models and the risk of denials place already slim operating margins in greater peril. It’s easy to see why more than 70% of hospitals are reporting a loss in revenue.This webinar will discuss how Compliance Checking and Audit Management solutions from Optum maximize growth opportunities by identifying and mitigating risk and protecting profits. Additionally, special guest Shelly Walters, Associate Director of ICD-10 & Industry Driven Solutions at Optum, shares hospital recommendations for ICD-10 preparedness and reflects on the recent delay.  

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Prepare for ICD-10 and Reduce Medical Necessity Write-offs

Most of us have heard the maxim "work smarter, not harder," and that’s never been more true than now with the ICD-10 transition on the horizon.    

This webinar outlines how Optum Compliance Checking and Audit Management solutions can help you work smarter by helping you reduce medical necessity denials and boost oversight of RAC, CMS and other payer audits to minimize future recoveries.

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