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What is it?
The OptumCoding.com eRewards Program rewards our loyal OptumCoding.com customers. All you have to do is create an account on OptumCoding.com. We keep track of your online purchases and will give you a $50 coupon for every $500 you spend.

Who can participate?
OptumCoding.com shoppers who are not part of our Medallion or Reseller programs.

How does it work?
If you are already registered at OptumCoding.com, simply log in to complete your transaction every time you make a purchase on the site. We will keep track of your online purchases. For every $500 you spend, you get rewarded with a $50 coupon

If you have not yet created an account on OptumCoding.com, please create an account right away so that we can track your purchases and count them towards the $500 goal.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping charges and taxes still apply and cannot be used for rewards.

What about the rewards?
For every $500 you spend on products at OptumCoding.com, you receive a $50 coupon to be used on your next OptumCoding.com order. As a registered OptumCoding.com customer, you can log in to view your coupon(s) by clicking on the My eRewards link in the My Account dashboard. If you have eReward coupons available, they will automatically appear at the bottom of your shopping cart during the checkout process. Simply click “Apply” to apply the coupon to your current order.

PLEASE NOTE: Coupons expire after six months and will no longer be available for use.

Questions? Click here to contact us.

Offer valid only for OptumCoding customers who are not part of Medallion or Reseller programs. You must be registered at OptumCoding.com to have your online purchases tracked for rewards purposes. Shipping charges and taxes still apply and cannot be used for rewards. Offer valid online only.



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